Iceland III – Saga-Stead Journeys

Click to visit© Emily Lethbridge

This project will be very interesting to follow and a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in the sagas. This is how Emily Lethbride, a Cambridge researcher describes her blog, The Saga-Steads of Iceland

The 1000-year-old past described in the medieval Icelandic sagas is written into the landscape all around Iceland. In ‘The Saga-Steads of Iceland: A 21st-Century Pilgrimage’, I am exploring how the sagas are a living literature with an existence beyond the printed page. An ongoing account of my travels can be found on this website in the run-up to the publication of my book about reading the sagas where they take place, and with the people who live in these places today.

Emily’s exploration covers at least all the well-known sagas, so you can probably find descriptions and photos from your favourite ones. Like this from the Gisla saga:

© Emily Lethbridge – Click to see larger photo. And click link to read more!

If you have seen Björn Bensbys photos in the video here you will probably recognize Haukadalur. As I was struck by the horror of being outlawed in the Westfjord mountains, this photo of one of Gisli’s hiding places speaks directly to my fears and compassion:

One of Gisli's hideouts© Emily Lethbridge – Click to see larger photo!

There is a wealth of material on the blog to explore. That could be an interesting companion to reading the new translation of the sagas to danish, which Annemarie Krarup says will be published later this autumn (complete with the previously censored naughty bits ;-). And Emily’s pilgrimage isn’t finished, so you can see the latest posts on the blog roll in the column to the right.

PS Link to a video will follow later this month

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