Historieutfordring 6½

Bild: Heidi Dahlsveen

An envelope came in my mailbox today with this picture, and nothing else. On the back is was written: “Do you remember”. Nothing else, no name. The stamp was from some foreign country.
Of course I remember! You live in the white house on the right. Your room was on the scond floor – there!
We had been there the night before, playing rock/roll music on your new recordplayer. You were older than me – and you were hot! I was hotter. I boiled. It was my first time. Not yours. Of course I remember, boys remember as well you know.
The next day we were to go skiing. “Smile” my mother said. She didnt have to, I smiled already and was still so hot that I was afraid the snow would melt under my skis.
And then you skied out of my life.
Of course I remember, or do I ?
Or is that only what I want to remember?
To be true – I dont remember at all !!

Hans Petter Meirik